The very best ways to enjoy Vietnam

With so much to offer, Vietnam sometimes confuses tourists at how to best enjoy the landscape, the culture, the food and the activities. Our past experience has helped us to develop a great idea on where you can start with your trip: Here are the 5 best ways to enjoy the country:

  • Taking a motor ride
    For travelers who possess great energy and stamina, as well as interest in physical activities and adventure tours, a motorcycle trip to highland area in Vietnam could be ideal for them to enjoy their days here.
  • Rolling into a Vietnamese kitchen
    It could be a big miss if tasting food and participating in Vietnamese cooking class are not listed in your travel agenda.
  • Lazing by the beach
    Vietnam has a long coastline with many magnificent beaches, so having a trip to some of these tropical paradises is also one of most perfect ways to enjoy Vietnam.
  • Walking through the beauty
    When travelers visit a city in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Hoi An, wandering around is one of the greatest ways to explore beauty of the cities, as well as enjoy both modern and traditional aspects in those places.

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